Author of “IF You Knew You Could Not Fail, What Would You Do?”

– In Survival There is No Choice

Marie Diaz takes you on a journey from self-discovery to determination.

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If You Knew You Could Not Fail What Would You do?

This is a question entrepreneur Marie Diaz asked herself as she not only endured but superseded some of life’s greatest challenges. As she experienced death, hardship, financial strife and many other obstacles early on, she decided that failing was not an option.

Marie lives by a personal motto: “You are an occasion, so rise to it.” It’s a phrase she now offers as words of wisdom to the professionals she trains as owner of the human resources consultancy, Pursuit of Excellence, Inc. More importantly, it’s one of many lessons she has learned as an industrious student of life.

Before landing a successful career with several Fortune 500 companies and launching her company, Marie faced a pursuit of personal success and, at times, survival. Although today she is a shining example of what persistence and dedication can bring, her business accomplishments are intrinsically linked with a long and difficult journey. Today, she taps into her experiences to guide others both in professional and private matters. “If I can do it, anyone can,” Marie says. “And it’s not just a cliché—I mean it.” When the odds were against her, Marie found herself with only one option—rise to the occasion and make something happen. She became expert at that skill and placed it at the core of her life and career.

As a self-trained entrepreneur Marie named her first company Pursuit of Excellence.  Pursuit of Excellence was based on the premise that the greatest power on earth is a concept or idea that can inspire people to be greater than they are today, to lead and motivate others and to achieve your personal dreams.  This has been core in her life to always pursue excellence. You never arrive, and when you think you do, you’re not trying hard enough. She also recognizes persistence, patience, the ability to listen, and the ability to see conceptualization through to implementation as essential success factors.

Most importantly, Marie has learned to never give up. There are times in life, Marie says from experience, in which giving up is simply not an option. It’s the actions you take at that point that determine the ability not only to survive, but also to succeed, she says.

From her life, this Unstoppable Woman discovered a secret she wants to share: “The only person who can stop you is you.” 

One thing is for sure: she hasn’t been deterred yet.​